Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is that real lava... or the fake kind?

Sorry for taking so long to upload these blogs-I have been having intermittent computer problems…

The next morning brought clouds from every direction to our campsite…but through all the mist and fog, still visible, was Uhuru Peak.  I must say that there is nothing quite as beautiful as when the clouds lift completely and the off into the distance the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, ever so welcoming becomes enflamed by the sun's early morning rays.  A sight I was assuredly not prepared to gaze upon.  

This morning I became very ill, after having spent most of the night in the bathroom-today was even worse.  All I knew that as long as it was not mountain sickness I would just have to trudge on,  however long of a day it was to be.  The goal for todays climb would be to climb to Lava Tower-for acclimatization purposes, spend some time there, and climb back down 3-4 hours to the next camp.  By far this climb was the most scenic.  Everywhere you looked no matter the direction-there you stood in awe.  Today we also met many other climbers-slowly the mountain became crowded and for some reason the three of us always managed to pass up other climbers.  Either we are very fit, or everyone else is just taking it much slower.  Even those who are taking an extra day to acclimatize at the next camp seemed to be moving very slowly today.  I didn't seem to mind much, as long as none of us became ill with AMS I would have been okay with running.  After the Lava tower, which was amazing, we made our way back down-passing waterfalls, many many rock formations and the occasional porter, stopping to smoke.  After what seemed like another long day we made it to our campsite just as the sun was beginning to flee from sight…for now, popcorn time!

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